MEP BIM modeling

MEP BIM Modeling

Our Engineers are experts in creating an MEP BIM model for any type of complex project. We can create all levels of BIM development from LOD 100 to LOD 500 as per client

  • LOD 100 – Concept Design
  • LOD 200 – Schematic Design
  • LOD 300 – Detailed Design
  • LOD 350 – Construction Documentation
  • LOD 400 – Fabrication & Assembly
  • LOD 500 – As-Built

We bring in our competence on BIM in finding interference between Architecture, Structure and MEP services and eliminating them before construction begins. While creating BIM models we will identify all the issues and will create clash detection report. We will also work through the solution for clashes. By analyzing the information from BIM and fixing problems on the desk instead of fixing it on the field;expensive change orders are avoided. In addition, our focus on using the 3D coordination process not just to correct errors, but to think through constructability and plan delivery.

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